Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We don't need no stinking squirrels!

Susan called me over last thursday to help fix a hole in her roof before a bird came and built a nest. As I climbed up the latter and started trying to fix it I soon realized that it was too big a job for me. So I called Aaron. He came over and started to rip things out and put in some new boards and then we heard them. "Squeek, Squeek, Squeek!" It was not a birds nest that we found. It was a suirrels nest. There where two babies in it. They had their fur but theirs eyes where still closed. Aaron handed me the babies and then said "Oh, there's the mama squirrel." She looked at him and ran away. So we brought the babies home and bottle feed them for about 2 days. We had to find someone to take them b/c it is illegal to own wildlife in NY for more than 48 hours. We found the number of an animal control and rescue officer online. We meet her and made the drop. She said that they were both female and going to a lady that already has a baby male and then they would go to a home that has been wanting squirrels for awhile. It was a great experiance having to feed them every 4 hours. Aaron is going to be a great dad. He could always get them to drink more milk than me.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dairy Tour to PA

Aaron and I went with a tour group of a bunch of farmers to PA. We went to a meat packing plant and three state of the art dairy farms. One of them was Mason Dixin which is a very famous dariy outside of Gettysburg, PA. They have 10 robotic milkers. It was pretty awesome. (Watch the video!) We also went to two other dariy's that had some pretty cool stuff. I like the automatic sorting gate. Each cow has an electronic tag around their neck and as she leaves from being milk she is sorted through a gate to either go for herd health check with the vet, to the bredding pen, sick pen or back to her group. It would sure cut down on the time it takes to find and sort the cows yourself. We had a wonderful time getting away from school and work for two days. Our first trip as a married couple! It will be one we will always remember.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Wedding Reception

We had our wedding reception the following Saturday night. It worked out so well. My sister Susan did the planning and decorating. She is amazing and should defiantly start her own business in the future. It looked so great! We had a tractor and cow theme. We even had a diary bar complete with little cartons of milk. My sister Karen played the piano for us. She is so talented. The best part of the reception was the fact that we drove off in a John Deere Tractor. My dream come true! What a great husband I have that can tolerate my John Deere fetish.

The Wedding Day

Aaron and I were married in the Palmyra New York Temple on Nov 17, 2007. It was the most remember able day of my life and not just because I was up all night. I've heard of people getting cold feet the night and being sick but this was just ridiculous. I was so sick that I actually had the thought "OK, we will get married and then go to the hospital. Well, needless to say I was able to make it the temple and we were sealed for time and all eternity at 11:17am. We had a nice little lunch for the family and close friends afterwards and then we were off on our honeymoon which started with a nice long nap since i didn't get any sleep the night before. We had a lovely honeymoon on Canandaigua and Seneca Lake.

Engagement Pictures

We went the John Deere Tractor Dealer in Savannah to take our engagement pictures. It was the same dealership that had the tractor at Empire Farm Days that Aaron hung the bed sheet on. We had a lot of fun taking pictures on all of the tractors. I loved being in a sea of green and yellow tractors.

We're Engaged

On Aug 7 2007 I was at a at Empire Farm days in a dairy meeting with my co-worker. During our lunch break we were walking around and happened to come across a few Aaron's younger brother's and sister's. They said that I needed to go to the John Deere Tractor booth. So we went to the display and as I came around the corner there was a great big bed sheet on a tractor that said "Katie, Will you marry me? - Aaron Z". Then Aaron came out from behind the tractor. The first thing that I asked him was "Did you ask my dad?". He said that he had called him that morning and that "he says yes if you say yes". So I said Yes! I can't believe that we got engaged.