Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bring Your Daughter to Work Day

After I found out I was pregnant I quit the dairy and started working for the dairy vet in the office. I did everything from filing paperwork, doing inventory, filling drug orders and anything else that needed to be done. One of the projects I was helping with was entering data collected every 3 months from 3 different farms. I would put all the data in the computer and make various graphs from it. It took some time at first but once I got all the formulas figured out and which graphs to use I could get it all done in no time. Well, the time at come for the next round of data to be put in the computer and being that I am so familiar with it I went into work on it. I've been cleared to drive now so I strapped Zoe in the car seat and away we went. So fell asleep in about one minute and slept most of the time at the clinic. When we got home I took some pictures to remember her first day at work.(I love this purple outfit. I'm glad that they have more than just pink for little girls.) Zoe has been a happy baby and I hope that the trend continues. I'm enjoying her smiles, weather from gas or not, she has the cutest smile.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A New Diet

So I found the best diet ever. I've lost 25 pounds in 12 days and all I had to do was have a baby. Pretty cool don't you think? The only down side is that you usually gain weight when you are pregnant. Not sure what to do about that part but I'm loving being on the losing weight side now.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Day at the Farm

Zoe was 5 days old and I thought it was about time to introduce her to the animals at the farm. She needs to get familiar with them so that when she is old enough to walk she can help me with the chores. The llamas where of course very interested in meeting her. The goats didn't know what to think. Kimchi, our nubian, was the only goat who had any interest in her. She of course did very well with them. A natural born animal lover. At least, all the animals seem to love her. My cat Mister has taken in upon himself to be her guardian. He watches over her at night time. He sits next to her bassinet and looks in at her while she sleeps. I've found him sleep in the bassinet and her feet a few times. I don't really like the thought of him sleeping in there with her since she only weighs 6lbs and he is about 11lbs. Nothing like being out weighted by the cat almost 2 to 1. So now I have put a blanket next to her bassinet for Mister. He seems to know that it was put there for him because he has taken to it right away.

I can't believe that I'm a mom and have such a beautiful little girl. I can't remember what it was like without her. (Except for the fact that I can't drive yet and can't lift more than 15lbs.) I'm looking forward to learning from her as much if not more than I can teach her. What an exciting adventure this will be.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome Baby Zoe!

After a very long weekend in the hospital Zoe Marie Zsembery finally made her entrance into this world. She weighted in at a whopping 6 pounds and 11 ounces and a total of 19 and 1/2 inches from head to toe. Not quite the baby size I was expecting. I really thought that I would have a larger than normal baby since I was a very big baby. We were not prepared for such a small bundle of joy and will now have to go out and get some new born clothes instead of the 0 to 3 month clothes we have on hand now.

Since no one has the time to read the whole story of the 60 hours I spent in the hospital I will sum it up for you.

Friday 3 PM - Checked into the hospital.

Friday 6 PM- Medicine to help get my body ready to be induced. No food, clear liquids. Slept every little

Saturday AM - Started Pitcon

Saturday Afternoon - Contractions but mot much progress

Saturday PM - Only at 2 centimeters, stopped pitocin. Was able to have dinner, a cheeseburger never tasted so good. Got different medicine to help jump start things. Slept some.

Sudany AM - Started Pitocin again. Contractions but not much progress

Sunday Afternoon - Stripped my membranes. More contractions but only got to 3 centimeters.

Sunday PM - Broke my water. Fast and furious contractions at 2 to 3 minutes apart. At 4 centimeters now. Nubane to help with pain.

Sunday Late PM - Nubane wore off, still at a 4. Epidural since this will be a long night.

Monday Very Early AM - Got sick and started feeling contractions again. Epidural IV tube disconnected. Reconnected epidural but still feeling pain. Still at 4 centimeters. Decided to wait 2 more hours to see if things change.

Monday 3 AM - Epidural wore off, Got sick again, lots of pain, still at a 4. Stopped the pitocin and the contractions stopped almost immediately. Call OR and started to get ready for C-section.

Monday 3:15 AM - Got bumped by a women that came in 2 hours ago in labor. She pushes for awhile and has a baby. Can we say frustrated?

Monday 4 AM - Wheeled into OR. Not the way I had planned it but whatever gets her here safely.

Monday 4:31 AM - Zoe Marie Zsembery enters this world.

So after being in the hospital for 60 hours, receiving three liters of pitocin and having a c-section, I finally got my baby girl. I hope the next ones come much easier than her.