Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time with Friends

My good friend Sherilyn Wilson come to visit this last weekend. We met about 11 years ago when she was serving as a missionary here. She is the one that talked me into going to Utah State. She is also the one that I went to talk to my senior year of college and told her that I think I needed to go on a mission. Even though we have not been in touch all the time, it is a friendship that can pick up right were it was last time we were together. It has been about year since I've seen here. In fact Aaron and I spent the night at her house in Logan when we were in Utah last June for my sisters Karen's wedding. This time it was Sherilyn that came and stayed at our house. We had a very nice visit. She and her friend Leslie were going on a church history tour and started in Palmyra. The were then on their way to Kirtland, Nauvoo and Independence. I'm a little jealous since I've yet to go to the Nauvoo temple. Maybe someday.
I'm truly grateful for good friends that last the test of time. Friends that will be there for you know matter what. May we all be blessed with such good friends.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Question of the Week.

So I'm almost 8 months pregnant and I'm still playing softball once a week. I've given up being the catcher this year and have lately just been hitting. I'll usually hit and get to first or second and then have a pinch runner come in for me. Last week Aaron brought the camera and took some photos of the team. I had this one great hit and made it out to second base. As you look at the picture it is all baby first. Which leads me to my question...
Can you have shaken baby syndrome before the baby is born?

My running doesn't seem to bother the baby. In fact, it usually goes to sleep from the rocking motion. I'll will play for a few more weeks as long as it continues to not hurt.