Monday, May 19, 2008

Congrats! It's a boy.

For our 6 month anniversary we got ourselves a kitten. Aaron's sister has a cat that had kittens about 8 weeks ago and we decided we needed one. My 8 year old cat Aggie thinks this is some cruel job but she will get used to it.

When I first saw the kittens they were a week old and as I picked them up the kids told me their names. The said "This one is Misty" and I said "This one is a boy". So we started to call him Mister. His full name is Mr. AZ for Amsden to Zsembery or Aaron Zsembery. We mostly just call him Mister.

It is fun to have a kitten around. He is full of energy and loves to follow you around. I hope that he and Aggie become good friends.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

From Newly Weds to Parents of 9!

So this weekend is mom and dad Zsembery's anniversary. We decided to give them a weekend alone and took all 9 of the kids to our house. We had lots of fun. I introduced the girls to my favorite treat at Wendy's. Frosty's and fries. A few of them even liked it. The kids went and played football in a big open field near us. That is one benefit of having a large family. On Sunday Aaron and I took all the kids to the Stake Conference. Aaron had to translate for the Spanish speakers and I so it was me and Jessica, Aaron's older sister, to watch the kids. I don't think I got much out of the conference. After church we took the little kids to the Sacred Grove. It was a chilly day but beautiful. Then we had waffles for lunch. Yummy! I hope that mom and dad had a nice time along. I think Aaron and I will be waiting awhile to have kids. Maybe 10 years! HEHEHE

A Triple Date

Aaron has 4 teenage brothers and his mom thought that we should take two of them on a triple date and help them learn how to be creative and have fun while dating. So we took Mark and Jamie and their dates out for a night never to be forgotten. We first went to Taco Bell b/c I had not eaten dinner yet. I had the new Bacon Club Chulupa. I highly recommend it! Then we went to Wal-mart. I gave them each a list of 9 things that they had to go find. While they were looking for them Aaron and I did some groceries shopping. After them found all the items I had them put them all back. We then came back to our house and played Skip-bo and Rummycube. After we played some games we had ice cream sundaes that we put on a garbage bag on the floor. It was so yummy. We all had a spoon and dug right in. I think everyone had a fun time.