Thursday, November 20, 2008

One Year Anniversary Trip to Long Island

For our one year anniversary we went to Long Island to visit Aaron's grandparents and aunt's. We had a wonderful time. We got to spend a few days down there. We a fabulous dinner at Aunt Margie's house. It was so great. Home made sauce and meatballs. A true Italian meal.

To pay for our room and broad we raked up the leaves at grandma and grandpa Zsembery. it was nice to see them and hear some of their stories. It is so nice to have grandparents again. Mine have all passed on and I miss the wisdom and history that is now gone with them.

After driving home on Monday we went to the Palmyra Inn for a wonderful evening together. We ordered pizza and watched some movies and had a wonderful time together. I love having such a loving and fun husband. He brings such balance to my life.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Passing of a Pearl

I had a horrible day today. Nothing major happened but nothing seemed to go my way. I even managed to pinch my hand as I pushed my cup holder back in when I got to work. Have you ever had one of those days? I kept thinking to myself "I should have never gotten out of bed."
On rainy days I go to my parents house and feed the animals before going to work. Everyone was happy to see me and get some hay. My oldest pygmy goat Pearl has been sick for a few months now. She has bad days and I give her some medicine to help her not be in pain. She has been isolating herself for awhile now which is never a good sign for an animal that likes to be in a herd. This morning she was in the stall by herself and I gave her some hay and then I was off to work.
When I came home after work she had died. It is so sad to lose a pet. I'm grateful that she is not in any pain anymore and that I was here to bury her. I now realize why I was having such a hard day.
I will miss Pearl but I'm glad that she can run and not have any pain.