Sunday, September 14, 2008

Peaches, Peaches and more Peaches!

Aaron and I where about to get 4 five gallon buckets of peaches for free a few weeks ago. So what does one do with so many peaches you ask? Well, you put a moving in and sit in the kitchen and cut up peaches for about 3 hours. Then you put them in the frig and the next day you can them for hours on end. We ended up running two caners and had about 36 quarts when we finished. It was so crazy. I'm still not convinced about all the canning stuff. I did make a really yummy cherry peach pie out of one of the cans that didn't seal right. So I guess there are advantages. Thank you Sister D for pick the peaches for us and thank you mom Z for delivering them. I think our kids will enjoy them since I have a felling they will be around for a few years.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fun on the Farm

Here are some pictures to update the animals on the farm. The big brown goat is a Toggenburg. They are a milk breed of goat. Not sure if we will ever milk her. Aaron's younger brothers bought her from the neighbor but needed a place for her so we brought her home in the back of Aaron's Volvo. She seems to be getting along with everyone. She is very pretty and seems to like her life here on the farm.

The growth on Mirabel's back is Ruby. She is almost two months old now and her favorite thing to do is to jump on the nearest llama who is laying down and dance around on her back. If Danny Boy or Patches try to get up there too she butts them off.

Danny Boy and Patches are both doing very well. They are running and jumping around. Total boys. Getting into things and butting each other. I'm so glad that they have each other to play with.

Hobbit, the cow, is doing great. He thinks that he is a dog. He wants to follow you around everywhere. He is so funny and loves bread. A high carb diet makes the best beef. I don't know if we will ever eat him. He is like a pet and I love him but I also love a nice Porterhouse Steak. Life is full of tough decisions.

The Pitter Patter of little Paws

Here are some pictures of the new little one in my life. I found the kitten at the farm last week. She was just sitting there in a stall with a calf and crying for her mama. But no one came. So I gave her a bath, cleaned her eyes and put some advantage on her. Then I gave her some milk in a syringes which she sucked right down. I brought her home and gave her two more baths. Then Aaron used the tweezers and picked fleas off of her for awhile. (Needless to say I also put advantage on Mister and Aggie just in case). I picked up some kitten milk replacer on the way home and made her a bottle. She took right to it without any problems. She we will have "Little One" or "Shrimpette" for awhile. Just until she is old enough to eat solid food on her own. Then we will be finding a home for her. She is cute but we do not need more cats than people in our house.