Sunday, October 30, 2011

The House

We have possession of the new house but we have not moved in yet. There is some work that needs to be done first. The stairs into the house where a major problem b/c one side had sunk into the ground which pulled everything down to one side. Aaron ripped the front steps off and replaced them with eight beautiful sturdy level ones. He is amazing.

Next we will be washing all the walls and getting ready to paint. We will also be taking out the floor on the sun porch b/c she has her cats out there and they used it as a liter box. We will put down a new floor with linoleum and then make a place for the washer and dryer so that I don't have to go down into the creepy dark basement to wash clothes. HEHEHE
We will also be adding a closet to the master bedroom to the side of this door. It will have shelves on the short side and a place to hang my dresses on the tall side.
Since we had to replace our shower and tub in the house we are in right now and it came out to well, I really want to do it again and replace the tub with one that has more room on the inside of it.
Here is the outside of the house. It is a great looking house and will be a wonderful place to raise Zoe and any other children that come along. It has just been neglected for some long, that with some TLC and time and money, it will be beautiful once again.