Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Baby Zsembery

Zoe is happy to announce that she is going to be a big sister.  She can't wait till September 10 to be able to see her new little sibling.  She is excited to be able to help mommy take care of the new bundle of joy by fetching diapers and taking dirty diapers to the trash.  She will be a wonderful big sister.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

This year has been a busy one and I can't believe it is almost over already.  Time sure does fly by when your days are filled with watching Zoe. 
It has been a great year for us and we are most excited about moving into our new house.  We have done a lot of work already and their is much more to do.  We are working right now on organizing all of your stuff and weeding out the things we don't need and have gathered over the last 4 years of married.  It is amazing the amount of "stuff" you can collect in just 4 years.
Christmas was wonderful and we got to spend the day at church, with Aaron's parents and then my parents.  I love that we can spend a day with just family.  What a wonderful blessing this time of year is.  I'm so grateful for the family that loves and supports us.  It is a real blessing to be close to those we love.  We hope that everyone had a magical and wonderful Christmas.

A visit from Aunt Kira.  It was so nice to see her for a few days.

Zoe got a tea set for Christmas from her pre-school class and she loves it.  We have to have a tea party at least once a day.

Zoe was so happy to come downstairs and see a horse.  She ran over to it and climbed up on and took the horse for a ride.

Zoe got her first doll house form Christmas.  She was so funny and put the potty in the bathroom of the house and put the baby on the potty.

Zoe got a new hat for Christmas and now she looks like a lion.

The traditional picture in a Mormon home on Christmas.  Everyone gathered around the computer/phone to talk to their beloved bother on a mission.

Zoe and Aura decided it was a pretty long day and so they layed down for a nice nap.  The dog was the only one to actually nap.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The House that Katie and Aaron Fixed

 There was a lot of unfinished work in the house.  Here he must have started to do something and then never came back to finish it.

Aaron was able to find the missing molding out in the garage.  We was also able to find the molding that went around the window too.
There was only molding on one side of this doorway.  So we took it out and Aaron built new molding to replace it.

This is the new molding around the doorway between the study and the living room.

This was the master bedroom with a wall between it and an office. 

We took the wall out and made it into a large master bedroom.

Here is where they had an entertainment center that stuck out form the wall and looked like it was just right for someone to walk into and get hurt.  So we took it down and Aaron replaced the molding.

We then painted it with our accent color and will put a new entertainment center in the corner.

The "pepto bismol" as we called it was primed and painted in our base tan color and then accented in our second color.

We did the doors and window trim in this room.  It is the guest room.

We did not do the chimneys but hired that out.  They look pretty good and the fire furnace works great.

Here is the study and the new carpet.  It is so nice and warm.

We have been having a lot of fun as well as a lot of hard work.  But it is paying off and coming together. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The House

We have possession of the new house but we have not moved in yet. There is some work that needs to be done first. The stairs into the house where a major problem b/c one side had sunk into the ground which pulled everything down to one side. Aaron ripped the front steps off and replaced them with eight beautiful sturdy level ones. He is amazing.

Next we will be washing all the walls and getting ready to paint. We will also be taking out the floor on the sun porch b/c she has her cats out there and they used it as a liter box. We will put down a new floor with linoleum and then make a place for the washer and dryer so that I don't have to go down into the creepy dark basement to wash clothes. HEHEHE
We will also be adding a closet to the master bedroom to the side of this door. It will have shelves on the short side and a place to hang my dresses on the tall side.
Since we had to replace our shower and tub in the house we are in right now and it came out to well, I really want to do it again and replace the tub with one that has more room on the inside of it.
Here is the outside of the house. It is a great looking house and will be a wonderful place to raise Zoe and any other children that come along. It has just been neglected for some long, that with some TLC and time and money, it will be beautiful once again.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Zoe Skating

Zoe is amazing.  She picked up the bottom of her toy trains and turned them into roller skates.  She is turning into a pro an now goes back and forth across the room.  I wish she was as coordinated when she walks and runs as she s when she skates.  Maybe she would stop falling down and getting bumps on her head.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Second Birthday Zoe!

 I cannot believe that my baby girl is now 2 years old. She can even tell you she is 2 when you ask her how old she is. We had a very fun party at the farm. We invited a bunch of the kids from her nursery class at church and all their siblings. I brought my sisters outside play gyms to the backyard at the farm. The kids had a blast climbing all over them. I also made a "pin the baby duck on the mommy duck" game. The kids got to color their own baby duck and then my sister laminated them so the kids could take them home as a keep sake. We made hot dogs on the grill for lunch. After lunch we loaded up on the hay wagon and went for a hayride. I saw more than one big smile on the children from that activity. After the hayride we had the cutest little duck cupcakes for all the kids and a huge ice cream cookie sandwich for all the adults. I think everyone had a good time. I know Zoe did. She loves playing will other children.

The kids had a blast in the backyard.
Zoe just finishing putter up her baby duck.
The mama duck after all the kids had their turn.
Going for a hayride.

The cutest little ducky cupcakes.
Zoe eating her cupcake.  She actually didn't eat any of it.
Zoe got a T-ball set for her birthday and she loves it.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Day in the Life of Zoe

Zoe is almost 2 now and she is no longer a baby. She is very active and very smart. We have been taking swimming lessons at the high school and she was doing great. That is until she discovered that they have letters all around the pool. Soon she had totally forgotten about kicking her feet and moving her arms. She started pointing and saying "P", "A", "L", "M", "A", "C", as I moved her around the pool. (Our local high school is Palmyra-Macedon and called Pal-Mac for short). It is cute and but not really what we are working on at swim class.

We have also been enjoying a play ground with some other mom's and kids from church once a week. This past week we went to the playground at the local primary school. Zoe has been there before and this time she was determined to do things on her own. I gave her a little more freedom and she did great. She figured out how to climb the stairs and go down the slides. She even climbed a ladder that went up about 6 feet to a platform. My sister saw her and got there just into time see Zoe reach the top and climb onto the platform. She is my little adventure with no fear. Thank goodness she has a high tolerance of pain.

Zoe climbing on the playground equipment.
Zoe enjoying some side walk chalking.
Look at those pig tails. So cute.
Trying to blow bubbles by herself.

Learning something new and so proud of herslef.