Sunday, August 1, 2010

11 months old!

I cannot believe that Zoe is 11 months old already! Time really does fly by. Zoe is getting so close to walking. She pulls herself up to everything and walks along it. Any day now she will just let go and start walking. Here are a few pictures over the last month. She sure is a fun girl.

Mommy's future softball star. I bought this outfit b/c it was on sale for $2 thinking it would be great for a boy when we have him but Zoe messed her outfit and it was thing only thing I had to change her into. She looks like a boy in this but she is still very cute. I wonder if this is what Noah will look like when he gets here?

Zoe has discovered the tractors at the farm. She sits right at the edge of the seat and turns the wheel and even pulls the bucket leaver. A future farmer for sure.

She loves to go for rides with Grandma Dee on her John Deere lawn mower. She also likes to steer it by herself. What a big brave cleaver girl.

My niece Caitlin took some wonderful pictures of Zoe when we where visit her family in Virginia. I just love how they turned out. Zoe is so cute and Caitlin did a wonderful job at catching her cuteness.

A great shot of her blue eyes and her cute little freckle on her head. Thanks again for the pictures Caitlin.