Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

I have discovered that Zoe loves beads. She has always put things over her head and now I know that she just want to wear some necklaces. She walked around with these on for days.
My little heifer already to go to "Trick or Treat on Main Street" in Palmyra. She could care less about the candy but had a wonderful time walking around with her cousins.

In the stroller and ready to go to main street to trick or treat.

Zoe and her cousins. Notice she is the only one that had to be "helped" to sit still for the picture. She was having to much fun walking around town.
Since Zoe's birthday she has started walking, cut about 8 teeth and got a job. She gets to test the tests they give to kids to see if they are accurate. She thinks she is just playing games and then she either gets a check or a gift card. I always joked about once my kids could walk I would put them to work. I guess it came true. She helps me feed the animals and loves to pull grass or gather leaves and feed to the goats through the fence. I'm so happy that I got a girl that loves animals even if she seems to be a "girly girly". She can wear her necklaces and still drive a tractor. HEHEHE