Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to Town

Earlier this month my mom, sister Susan with her 3 boys and Zoe and I went to the mall to see Santa. My sisters oldest son David, had been talking about how he was going to tell Santa that he wanted a Hess truck for Christmas. He kept saying that he wanted a spaceship one that he saw at a friends house but we kept telling him that they change every year and this years one was not a spaceship. So David finally gets to sit on Santa's knee and what does he tell Santa that he wants? He starts talking about the train track that he just saw at Target before we came to the mall. Susan was like "and a Hess truck." Thinking to herself, "you better ask for the Hess truck because we already got it for you." David finally says that he wants a Hess truck but that he wants the spaceship one. Well, this Santa was on the ball and told David that they change the trucks every year and this years one is a race car. That Santa should get a raise I tell you.

After the boys all got a chance to sit on Santa's knee Zoe took a turn. She did pretty well. No crying. I hope she told him that she wanted a John Deere toy tractor because that is what is in her stocking. SSSSHHHHH! Don't tell her.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Trip to Canada

We were finally able to take a trip to Canada this last weekend to see Aaron's grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa Hale had not meet Zoe yet and so it was an exciting visit for them. Zoe was a great girl while we drove and slept both up and back from Canada. That made it very nice for Aron and I. Grandma loved holding Zoe and only gave her back when she would fuse. Grandpa refused to hold her until she is at least a year old. I think he thought she was cute but he doesn't hold small babies. We had a very nice visit and even got to do some sight seeing. We visited the near by town of Kingston. It is very nice and reminds me a little of England. I went there looking for really English chocolate but no luck. Canada chocolate will have to do. We did have some nasty weather as we drove up to Canada and some wet weather on the way back. I understand now why Grandma doesn't like to visit in the winter time.

We are looking forward to our first Christmas as a little family. Don't tell Zoe but she is getting her first John Deere Toy Tractor. It is never to early to get her hooked on tractors.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I was taking pictures of Susan's boys for her Christmas letter the other day and thought that I would get some of Zoe as well. So I sat her up in her bumbo and started taking pictures. Soon Susan's youngest son, Jacob crawled over and gave Zoe the biggest hug. It was so cute. Later he brought over her binky and tried to put it in her mouth. I think these two will be great friends. How fun to grow up with cousins just around the corner.