Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Day in the Life of Zoe

Zoe is almost 2 now and she is no longer a baby. She is very active and very smart. We have been taking swimming lessons at the high school and she was doing great. That is until she discovered that they have letters all around the pool. Soon she had totally forgotten about kicking her feet and moving her arms. She started pointing and saying "P", "A", "L", "M", "A", "C", as I moved her around the pool. (Our local high school is Palmyra-Macedon and called Pal-Mac for short). It is cute and but not really what we are working on at swim class.

We have also been enjoying a play ground with some other mom's and kids from church once a week. This past week we went to the playground at the local primary school. Zoe has been there before and this time she was determined to do things on her own. I gave her a little more freedom and she did great. She figured out how to climb the stairs and go down the slides. She even climbed a ladder that went up about 6 feet to a platform. My sister saw her and got there just into time see Zoe reach the top and climb onto the platform. She is my little adventure with no fear. Thank goodness she has a high tolerance of pain.

Zoe climbing on the playground equipment.
Zoe enjoying some side walk chalking.
Look at those pig tails. So cute.
Trying to blow bubbles by herself.

Learning something new and so proud of herslef.

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